Double dragon stack

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double dragon stack

Body Recomposition Stack. -Combines 1 bottle of SOS and 1 bottle of PCT in an effective stack designed to cut body fat and add lean mass. Thread: Double Dragon SOS .. this stack is retarded. and based on your other thread you clearly arent ready to be running steroids,  Rate my stack. Double Dragon Pharmaceuticals SOS SOS DDP can you tell us why your company chose to stack these three products at this. double dragon stack Write your review here: HD 50 by Double Dragon is categorized as a unique "Pro Anabolic". Epistane, Pheraplex, Mdrol. Kfa korea Description SOS from Double Dragon Labs and the Stealth Series touts the most powerful DHEA derivative for an incredible boost in performance and lean muscle gains. Close Recently Added You have no items in your shopping cart.


SIX DRAGONS! Hero Stacking Meta



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